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Great: EPS1000 inline filter

(Works well for water fountains, or where space is limited)

We service West Central Illinois and into Missouri and Iowa.  

Best: ERO, HERO385




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Reading about LEAD IN WATER lately?

We've been reverse osmosis proponents for 30+ years.  One of the many benefits... lead reduction by 99%.  The latest in water purification is our ERO385 and HERO385.  These reverse osmosis units reduce/filter many contaminants becoming known to be unfavorable, i.e. PFOS, PFOAS & VOCs. Efficiency is key, and we now use roughly 40% less drain water!  HERO models monitor water purity and will tell your phone if filters/membrane elements are due for service.  

Welcome! At EcoWater Systems of Quincy we sell, install, and service state of the art water equipment.  Hard water causes a number of problems around the home and business. Calcium build up destroys dishwashers, water heaters, faucets, toilets, plumbing - the list goes on and on. Our systems are designed to efficiently remove calcium/iron/chlorine/ammonia 100%.  The outcome being perfectly soft water that is the key to cleaner feeling skin and hair, less dry skin, cleaner clothes, spot-free dishes, all while using less soap and detergent. Reverse Osmosis removes many harmful chemicals/elements.  Residential and commercial softening and purifying solutions. It's all we do!

Common problems we mitigate swiftly:

Hard Water - Chlorine - Chloramine - Iron - Sulfur - Manganese - Green Staining (Copper) 

Bad Taste - Arsenic - Lead - TDS - PFOA, PFOS (Forever Chemicals) - Turbidity - Nitrate/Nitrite