​​​Our commercial water softeners are designed for high demand applications. These systems can be installed as a single water softener or in duplex, many times over, to achieve incredibly high soft water demand and flow rates (30+ Gallon/minute)

1", 1.5", and 2" valves designed to handle virtually any application. i.e. Restaurants, Hotels, Car Washes, Senior Care Centers, etc.

Our up-flow brining, along with auto adjusting regeneration - based on capacity remaining before each regen, results in industry leading salt and drain water efficiencies.   ROI comparisons prove to save money on water and salt both, year after year.

​​​Our residential Water Softeners and Refiners are designed to handle any kind of water - well or municipal - efficiently and trouble free for years and years.  A well typically has calcium, iron, or both. Our water softener eliminates these 100%. Municipal water has calcium, chlorine, and sometimes chloramine (chlorine and ammonia).  Our water refining systems and chloramine systems act as a filter and softener all in one. 

Our industry first wifi connectivity connects to your in home wifi and will notify you of low salt, water usage, even excess water usage and water leak detection from anywhere in the world.

New! ERO385 series filters/reduces more contaminants than ever, all while efficiently using roughly half the drain water of competitors.  Now certified reduction of PFOA & PFOS by 97.7%.  VOC reduction 99.4%. Ideally, we purify water to a dedicated pure water faucet at your sink, and to the fridge.  Can be routed to a bar or other locations as well. 50 Gallon per day or 75 gallon per day. 4, 5, 15, 22 gallon reserve tank all available depending on demand.

Microbiological filtration.  Great for inline filtration for a safe drinking water faucet or water fountain.  Lead reduction by 99.3%, bacteria, cyst, virus reduction by 99%+, which are typically the reasons for boil orders.

​​​Our commercial reverse osmosis systems  are designed for high demand pure water applications.  From 350 Gallons to 8000+ gallons per day, these systems are built for serious commercial or industrial demands.  i.e. Car Washes, Industrial Paint Applications, Food Service, Breweries, etc. Most have optional drain recirculation for reducing drain water and creating extremely high efficiency recovery rates of up to 75%.

A full line of filters and housings​ for virtually any application. Sediment, chlorine taste and odor. DI Resin. Copper mitigation. 

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Some wells have traces of harmful bacteria. Our Ultra-Violet water purification system is the simplest way to mitigate harmful bacteria from the whole home.  This is a tried and true method that we've been installing for 25 years. If a water test comes back "unsafe to drink, due to forms of bacteria", this is usually the answer.

​​New! ERO385 series add on: High Alkaline Cartridge, (high pH, increases pH to 9-10) For those who like safe, pure drinking water, with a little mineral taste boost!

Our EcoWater Solar Salt is the best grade of salt you can buy. We sell it exclusively and highly recommend it for all water softeners.  It is a very high purity salt and is beneficial for the longevity of your water softener.  All pellet salt builds up a mush.  No more mushy build up with solar salt!

Deionized (DI) Water has many different uses: ​Food and Beverage Plants, Analytical Labs, Plating, Coolant Mixing, Humidifiers, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Ultra-pure Laboratory Water, Dialysis, and more.

​Problem Water Filters built specifically for iron or sulfur ​filtration.  A tried and true process of air oxidization and media filtration all without the use of chemicals*. Easy to use electronics with automatic cycling. WiFi Remote Monitoring and EcoWater WiFi Manage App standard. 

*Chemical injection can be added if sulfur or iron levels are extreme. We use a Stenner injection pump which is metered with the ETF2300's flow meter and can inject high percentage peroxide or chlorine, depending on the application.