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Here’s what’s behind our water vend:
A 4"x40” 200 psi Commercial Reverse Osmosis System purifies and filters 97-98% of all unwanted elements in the water after being pre filtered via ion exchange and catalytic carbon filtration.  Right before exiting the vendor, the water travels past U/V purification, to ensure the safest, healthiest drinking water possible.
Our new “High Alkaline Water” produces between 9-10 pH water, which boosts only good mineral back into the water, producing a water more resembling high quality spring water.

In-stock 3 and 5 gallon bottle options

We have a 24-hr drive thru refill center that is a very affordable option for safe, great tasting Reverse Osmosis purified drinking water.  Fill your own bottles, or buy from our large selection of high quality bottles!

New! High Alkaline option.  Our high purity Reverse Osmosis water with a mineral boost!  Creating a high alkaline - or high pH water*. This creates a safe, pure water with more of a spring water taste. 

*typically ranges from 9-10 pH.